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Build your next great game for Windows 8

Download Platformer Game Starter Kit(includes 2 HTML5-based examples)



Feel free to take the examples, mix them up and build your own great game for the Windows Store following these steps:
  1. Download your free Visual Studio for Windows 8 for all the tools you will need.
  2. Download the Platformer Game Starter Kit.
  3. Mix it up and build your own epic game.
  4. Open a Windows Store Developer Account.
  5. Let us know about it and we can even give you free advice on making it great and help pass store certification.
  6. Publish it to the Windows Store.

We know everyone is not a game artist, so we have provided you with some free game art and other places you can find royalty-free art for your game.

Free Game Art

Royalty-free Art